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Fly Chips Quality Policy

Fly Chips has made a commitment of quality excellence in product and service offered to their customers. The Company’s management pledges to consistently provide the levels of quality and service that the customers expect, and exceed them. In order to maintain it, the Company operates on the following levels:

  1. Constant improvement of the Quality System and its maintenance.
  2. Perpetual evaluation of the Quality System and its adjustment to our customers’ changing needs.
  3. Continual striving for the supply of products and services that adhere to our customers’ requirements and expectations.
  4. Establishment of internal company processes, their management and control, in a way that they address legal demands, regulatory guidelines, and the requirements of customers, suppliers, authorities and service providers.

Fly Chips owns the Israel Standards Institute Certificate: ISO 9001: 2015.

Fly chips uses the following services in order to provide high quality components:

  • Inspection- Our inspection team ensure that all Packaging, labels and components conform with the Original Manufacturer specifications.
  • X-ray Testing- With the efficient use of X-Ray Testing, we inspect the internal die to ensure the authenticity of the component. Hence, we help to ensure that all components are original.
  • Acetone Verification- Through this Test, we verify that all component markings are consistent with the Original Manufacturer Specifications.
  • ESD Compliant Environment- All Fly Chips Shipping and Receiving Processes are governed by our strict ISO certifications.
  • Component Baking- We are working with a baking Station when we have to ensure that all shipped products comply with the manufacturer’s required MSL standard.
  • Tape & Reeling-As an added service, if required, we can Tape and Reel components in order to save our clients valuable time and money.